Server Room

My server room is the latest addition to my house and was added as I moved back from Wrexham after living in halls for my first year at university. I persuaded my parents to build it after I found all my computers couldnt fit in my room.

Currently I have running a Compaq server running two P2 processors on a Debian command line interface, which also has Samba running on it so that it becomes a file server. Despite its slow processors it runs quite fast as it has a small OS size of about 400MB.

I am also in the process of building a web server which I will use for hosting my own website and I will also use it as a mail server. Also I have just fitted a rack cabinet for mounting all my switches, hubs and routers.

**** Breaking news - The server room is currently dismantled as half the servers are in London with me and half are still in the shed but am not allowed to leave them on. Below are the pics from when it was first set up. ****

Rack cabinet Computer Books

Amp and one of the monitors The other monitor and printer

The Servers